UI Challenges


My objective for these challenges was to work quickly and push my visual design skills. I completed each in under 90 minutes.


Sign Up

I was using Calm quite a bit around the time I completed this challenge, and was inspired by their subdued, muted photography paired with bold, high contrast CTAs. I struggled most when deciding which form fields should be included. My choices felt a little arbitrary without knowing exactly what product I was designing for. Another potential avenue would have been to allow users to sign up with another account (Gmail, Facebook, etc).


I focused on hierarchy in this challenge. I wanted to really draw attention to the “leader” and call out their stats. In many of our more Material apps, the app bar competes with important content. Here I purposely deemphasized the app bar and added a swipe nav instead of a more traditional (and visually heavy) app bar/ back arrow/ page title/ context menu combination. This challenge was also an opportunity to explore some more impactful fonts we don’t normally use, although I struggled to find one that really felt right.


App Icon (Supply chain app)

Semi abstraction of box and its contents with the goal of creating something as simple as possible.

Inspired by the calming, moody gradients in a lot of the indie games we'd been looking at as a team, specifically Monument Valley. This one felt especially calming to me.

White box outline is meant to convey a feeling of being lifted. Also hints at the box's future, that it will be picked up sometime soon and carried away to its next phase of life. I wanted it to look almost like a little box spirit.

Struggled with making this scalable and more impactful.